Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant 得福小厨 @ Kepong Kepong

Good food is essential to keeping one’s sanity, especially after being bombarded by a constant amount of over time spent at the office, much like a comfortable bed. People these days get so deep in to their work that even mental and physical health are left to be prioritised next. Seafood remains popular among many people around the world and in Malaysia, it is not secret.

Situated in Kepong, Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant is one of those places where you will constantly find yourself waiting outside in a very long queue if you decided to come just slightly later. With that being said, it is advisable to come earlier before the peak hour starts as a seat and a parking spot is probably available. The restaurant has a very classy look to it with a slight modern touch, which perfectly gives the place a surprisingly cosy yet simple and noisily vibrant ambience. The same can be said for the outside with their bright and big signboard hung up high enough for everyone around the area to notice it presence.

Specialising in seafood, do give their Sizzling Butter Milk Green Mussels a go. The sizzling plate slowly brings out the taste from the mussels to ensure a gradual and fulfilling extraction of flavour. The Mantis Prawn with their very own “Mongolia Sauce” as well as Clam with Soup is best enjoyed with rice. Of course, the Stewed King Razor Clam with Enoki and Soup is best enjoyed alone is savouring its rich flavour is what you want. Also, their range of crab recipes is something you may not want to miss out.

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