Like the name of the seed kernel itself used as a form of spices in many international cuisines, Nutmeg is a fusion restaurant that offers a motley of dishes ranging from all-day breakfast meals, sandwiches, entrees and desserts.

A brainchild of two brothers-in-laws William Chong and Gordon Yip, every décor in the restaurant is uniquely designed to give the overall space a sense of homey ambience. Upon entering the premise, it’s like walking into home sweet home as the restaurant is decked with a porch-like front portion. Beyond the entrance that adorned the wood-crafted Nutmeg signage against the brick wall, there’s a comfy space that resembles a living room, as well as a dining room filled with chic-looking wooden chairs and tables. Completing the homey décor is an open kitchen that adjoined the dining room, and even a back terrace located far behind.

But it was the eclectic menu that matters the most. Among the must-try dishes are the signature all-day breakfast items such as “Salt Beef Hash” (a delectable combo of sautéed potatoes, red peppers and fried egg) and “Eggs Benedict”, where you can opt for house-cured salmon or salt beef. If you have a large appetite, the Nutmeg Big Breakfast is something not to be missed. True to its name, it’s a breakfast galore filled with tummy-filling items such as eggs, lamb sausage, hashed potatoes and salt beef. For gravlax lovers, Nutmeg offers three homemade salmon recipes: Original, Smoked Paprika and Orange Cinnamon.

Desserts, in the meantime, are also made in-house with scrumptious varieties such as Chocolate Hazelnut Pudding and Lemon Passionfruit Pavlova.