Authentic North Indian Street food is a rare find these days. There are places available that serve authentic North India cuisine but not the food of the locals. Namaste India in Hartamas aims to resolve it by offering authentic North India street cuisine that aims to bring a literal slice of North India to the rest of us here. The food here speaks for itself-there are items available on the menu that aren’t available in most North India restaurants and it truly is a hidden gem.

We begin with the Harabharachaat, which is a healthy alternative to your everyday salad, this dish originated from the streets of North India and is very common among the locals. This dish comprises of spinach leaves mixed with fresh vegetables topped with homemade creamy yoghurt, sprinkled with tamarind sauce and mint sauce. You get a cool, minty flavour once you take your first bite and it honestly felt like it was not even spinach. This dish is definitely a must try at Namaste India.

Next, we have the Dal Bati Churma, this dish comprises of Dal (lentils) and Bati which are hard wheat rolls. This dish is mixed with garlic chutney and you eat it by pounding the Bati and then dipping it into the various side dishes. It is dishes like this that showcase a unique side to North Indian cuisine and you learn something new when you indulge in this dish. 

What would an Indian restaurant be without Biryani? So we have the classic chicken Biryani that has a very aromatic smell to it and you get to taste the layers of spices and the chicken was juicy and tender.

Finally, we have the Seekh Kebab Roll. This dish, according to the founder, you can never get anywhere else in Malaysia. It is essentially a variation of New Delhi street food and comprises of Rumali Roti, the word Rumal means handkerchief bread as it folds easily. This dish is served with juicy pieces of chicken and coupled with a special chutney that has a minty tangy texture to it. This is a favourite among the locals in North India and is definitely worth trying for a light snack.

Namaste India is no ordinary restaurant, and that statement holds true. Namaste India provides an experience, one that’s worth trying. In terms of its price range, it would cost about RM 35 for two people. The operating hours are from 12 pm till 11 pm daily