From the mind of Marini’s On 57 comes Marble 8, a premium establishment that combines an elegant mix of fine-dining steakhouse, bar and lounge. The most notable pull factor here is the wonderful setting filled with posh décor set against the majestic backdrop of the Kuala Lumpur skyline.

Marble 8 is particularly pride for its Australia’s finest Wagyu and Angus beef. Here, you will find the steak menu comes in dry-aged and wet-aged beef varieties. All beef is specially selected by the chefs and stored in an ageing cellar for a minimum of 21 days to ensure freshness.

The steak is grilled to tender perfection, and can be served with or without a spread of complimentary sauce. While sauce is an important condiment that can make or break the overall flavour of a steak, the beef cut in Marble 8 tastes flavourful enough even with just a few pinches of salt.

Among the signature dish to look out for is “Sirloin on the Bone” and “Tenderloin on the Bone”, a succulent beef cut where the bone remains attached upon serving on a platter. Looking to skip from steaks? A decent selection of pastas and seafood dishes are available.

To complete your night, Marble 8 has a fine selection of liquors served at the bar. Alternatively, you can choose to chill out at the whiskey-and-cigar lounge known as the Prive. For wine lovers, there is an exclusive wine cellar that housed a variety of red and white wines from around the world such as Australia, France and Italy.

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Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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