Nestled along the cobbling streets of Kuala Lumpur, a city that never sleeps; is a gastronomical sensation that will ferry you back to your roots as they bring about a culinary storm like no other. Meet Limapulo: Baba Can Cook where nothing short of delightful Peranakan decadence awaits.

Set with a rustic concept in mind, this particular food venture is a brainchild of a brilliant entrepreneur who wishes to bring forth the legacy of hearty Strait Chinese cuisine right in the heart of the urban jungle with relative affordability. All things aside, the charming interior decor is very likely a sight for sore eyes as you sit about in anticipation, awaiting your preferred order to arrive.

And once they do, be prepared for a unique fare encompassing a burst of flavours and textures. To be frank, their best seller here is without a doubt their rendition of Nyonya Laksa, where the delectable tell-tale broth of laksa is infused with freshly grated coconut milk, rendering the resulting dish a glorious fragrant like no other. Brimming with complementary condiments such as fishcakes and fishballs, shredded chicken, fried beancurd skin as well as scrumptious noodles, you're guaranteed to savour your Limapulo meal right down to the last morsel.

Aside from that, prospecting patron can also placate their craving for Nyonya delicacies by opting for other dishes available in the form of Chicken Pongteh (braised poultry with succulent potatoes), Sambal Petai (with a choice between prawn or squid), or seafood dishes encompassing grilled stingray or deep-fried tilapia. Take your pick because eitherway, you're in for a truly scrumptious meal.

For lighter bites, perhaps opt for a serving of Pai Tee, where crunchy cups of caramelised jicama -also known as sengkuang; awaits. As an added bonus, a shrimp is perched upon each cup of Pai Tee. If that ain't delightful enough, we don't know what is. To wrap up your meal in Limapulo, nothing beats a serving of refreshing Cendol, where pleasantly cool ice-shavings rendered sweet with palm sugar helps provide a change of pace away from all the heat derived good eats.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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