Lafite is a French restaurant inside of Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur with a 30 year history. Back in 1985, Lafite first opened along with the hotel and was one of the very few fine dining restaurants back then. 
Through the years, Lafite has continued to provide gastronomic food and excellent service.

The name Lafite was chosen to honour a chateau in France that is famous for producing arguably some of the best of wines in France. As expected of a fine dining restaurant, the interior exudes all things fine and exclusive. A table near the glass windows would allow you a view of the garden, to rest your eyes with plush, well-maintained greeneries.

To make things easier, Lafite offers a degustation menu of either three or six courses. Both menus are similar in dishes like the Crispy Chive and Cream Cheese Roulade with Smoked Salmon, Marinated Hokkaido Scallop and Aquitaine’s Caviar, Wagyu Beef Tournedos with Sauteed Artichoke, Pommes Dauphines and Rossini Sauce, and Praliné, Chocolate and Cherry Revised Black Forest for dessert. The six course meal has another three dishes of Porcini Soup with Pan-fried Maine Lobster, Garlic Cream and Parsley Coulis, Gratinated Oysters with Foie Gras, Spinach, Lemon Zests and Oyster Leaf, and Raspberry Vacherins. 
Each dish is cooked to perfection with pink, tender beef, fresh and juicy seafood, and the freshest bunch of fruits and vegetables. One could also choose their own meal from the normal menu.

Regarded as one of the most expensive restaurant, it does not deter the amount of satisfied guests dining in. If you ever decide to splurge a little, might as well go all the way just for the taste of life’s great pleasure. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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