Less than a year after the parlour has opened its door, Inside Scoop that is situated in Bangsar has won the hearts of many with their ice creams – somewhat can also be mistaken as gelato – devilishly hailing out the folks to get a bite on them. Interior-wise, the artificial grass, chic and colourful furniture and falling lights create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

With melt-in-the mouth desserts as their utmost likeness, this place does not only serve ice cream in cups but as well as on freshly-baked waffles or some warm buttery cones to finish it off. The team behind this fabulous work of art consist of individuals whose skills does not go to waste including the owner himself, Shiew Li that personally churns the ice cream himself with techniques that are ought to be complex yet the masters have done them well.

Champions in handling the technique that demands consistency and concentration of flavour are what make Inside Scoop ice cream gelatos rather stand out than any others. The ice cream is produced on site freshly and do not even start on their selection of flavours. Neutral-type of flavours are at availability yet these have availed the crowds for quite some time now ranging from vanilla beans to tiramisu. For a little detour out of the usual course, maybe their parmigiano or salmone flavoured ice cream would do the job – who would have thought that salmon can be made into ice cream?

Apparently, Inside Scoop has broken the stigma although not literally a salmon was harmed in the making of it. Sundaes are not to be missed as well, with Cold Apple Pie and Banana Split deliciously struck some of the satisfied patrons, of course first-timer needs to get his hands on it. Also, similar amount of scrutiny is placed on their ice cream cakes, making it as delicious as the signature dishes here.

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