As its name would aptly suggest, Hakka Marble Restaurant of Taman Bukit Anggerik at Batu 7, Cheras, caters to all food aficionados in need for a culinary fix of Hakka origins. A branch of the Chinese heritage, Hakka cuisines generally consist of a myriad of flavours and one would can expect nothing less from Hakka Marble Restaurant.

In essence, patrons who are well versed with this diner's menu would know what they want but for those first timers, allow us to enlighten you with what this humble joint has to offer in terms of glorious gastronomical delights. If you ever catch yourself paying a visit to Hakka Marble, do opt for their signature dish in which their very namesake is derived from: the Hakka Marble -also known as 'suan pan tze' or simply abacus beads. A tricky-to-make old-school dish meant to be consumed during Hakka festive seasons, this dish comprises mainly of a mixture of mashed yam -but take note, they serve pumpkin variant, too; and tapioca flour. Stir-fried with copious amounts of succulent minced pork, soft diced mushroom, crunchy wood ear fungus, rustic garlic and also aromatic dried cuttlefish, the smooth and soft yam beads sports a distinct chewiness while the flavours are classic example of Chinese culinary prowess; with a harmony of flavours.

Aside from the yam -or pumpkin; abacus beads, patrons should also opt for their fried asam laksa. Contrary to the conventional asam laksa with its soupy base, the stir-fried version is only moist at best, while retaining all the fragrance and kick of the generically aromatic and spicy noodle dish. Garnished with pineapple, cucumber, onions, mint leaves along with one rather fat prawn, the flavour of the noodle dish is accentuated with lime juice added into the fray. Be sure to try the fried asam laksa if you're there.

But of course, Hakka Marble being a Chinese restaurant of sorts, sports quite the dab hand in churning out other Chinese dishes, whether it be rice or noodles. For instance, their rendition of fried rice would bring about quite a dining experience as it is rather full of 'wok hei', ensuring patrons of a heartening meal.

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