Esquire Kitchen @ Sungei Wang Plaza Kuala Lumpur City Centre


Nestled within the premises of Sungei Wang Plaza, right smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur city centre, Esquire Kitchen allows the masses to have a taste of authentic Shanghai and Sze Chuan culinary fare, without having to traverse the distance all the way to China.

In essence, due to the origins of its culinary fare, Esquire Kitchen dabbles mainly in Chinese stir-fry (Zi Char) and for that, this Chinese restaurant is rather well suited for luncheons and dinner sessions involving quite a number of patrons as any one time. But if you simply want to have a quick bite, fret not as Esquire Kitchen also cater to ala carte dishes, with a Shanghai or Szechuan flare.

Dishes wise, Esquire caters to quite a range of selection, and in terms of protein, patrons can choose between poultry (Stir-fried Chicken with Paprika), pork (Braised pork with Chestnut or Shittake Mushrooms or Barbecued Wu Xi Spare-Ribs) or fish (Deep Fried Grouper with Citrus Juice). Other notables include their stir-fried vegetables (Eggplant Sze Chuan Stir-fry), beancurds (Mapo Tofu) and also their Woh Tip pot-stickers -also known as Chinese dumplings; which is an all-time family favourite. If you are the type to have soup at every meal, Esquire has that aspect covered as well, thus rest easy knowing that a jar of soupy goodness is all but a snap of a finger away.

Desserts are also available here as well, in the form of traditional Chinese Tong Sui, Gui Ling Gao and Tau Foo Fah, if you are up for a refreshing change of pace in terms of flavour and texture.