Originated from Taiwan, Din Tai Fung is an award winning restaurant that opens outlets across the world including Singapore, Australia, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, UK, U.S, and of course Malaysia. Specifically, at The Garden’s branch, it occupies a corner lot with a vivid, simple, and hygienic interior. The place provides an open kitchen area for patrons to view the chefs at work through a glass panel. It is always packed anytime of the day, so do expect a long queue outside the eatery especially during peak hours.


Din Tai Fung is mainly known for serving one of the best xiao long bao or better known as steamed pork dumplings, in Malaysia. Served in six pieces, the dumplings are delicately stuffed with meat and broth to ensure a really nice and juicy texture to it. The dish is best eaten straight out of the kitchen with a little sprinkle of vinegar and soy sauce with ginger. For some people, they like to eat it plain in order to enjoy the original flavour of the dumplings. Either way, the xiao long bao still tastes delightful and flavourful.


Another crowds favourite pick is the Pork Chop La Mian. The bowl of hand pulled noodles is served in a flavoursome clear soup. The noodles are simply exceptional with fine and smooth texture. It sounds like a simple dish, but somehow it is better than anything else. Other comfort foods like pork chop fried rice and stir-fried vegetables are also up on the menu for those who prefers something classic. Don’t forget to end your meal with a delicious bowl of Tong Sui to wash down the heavy food. If you are up for something simple yet delicious and healthy, Din Tai Fung is probably the perfect place for you.