Chez Leoniel is a French café that is a part of the French Alliance building. This café is so exclusive that you would only know it exist if you already know it exist. Unless you are a member of the French or some European community, or you have some business that took place at the French Alliance, most likely you would never get to sample the lovely creations at Chez Leoniel.

Headed by Chef Leoniel, hence the name, the café survives through the support of local and foreign regulars, as well as various functions held there. More of a casual setting, anyone could come here and indulge in good food, great service and good company as they believe that everyone is equal regardless of their title and standard in society.

The menu variation is enough to keep the interest going where each dish is thoughtfully prepared. Dishes like Le Steak Tartare, which is a seasoned raw Australian Black Angus with onions, capers, raw egg yolk and served with pickles and bread. Then there’s the roasted Steak de Bœuf, beef tenderloin with its roasting jus. Sandwiches, salad and pasta are also available here like the Croque Monsieur or Madame, and the Pistou (pesto) Spaghetti.

The best part however, is their selection of breads. Patrons could enjoy classics like Crêpe and Homemade French pastries. Chez Leoniel also try their best to entertain any request on French cuisine.

Housed at a language and cultural centre, it offers more than just authentic food. Chez Leoniel however, operates under some rules as the café is also used for meetings and private events. Sundays are usually only open for prior reservations, Saturdays are open to anyone, and weekdays depend on availability. It’s better to give them a call beforehand to avoid any disappointments. Other worthy mentions also include Confit de Canard, Pain – Poȇlé d’esturgeon, and Pain au Chocolat, best enjoyed with their Orange Cold Soup.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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