DMAAZ Burger is a local business in Sungai Petani serving burgers that look amazing and tastes incredible too. The portion is simply generous and blends very well with the patty. This isn't for the faint of heart because having their burgers are going to simply mean a beautiful mess. 

Even though this Burger Grill Ayam Padu seems to "banjir" but the patty is made from proper slab of chicken meat hence, it gives great mouth texture with every bite. 

For those who are mutton lovers, this is an option here - Burger Kambing Grill Berdeport. From the looks of it, you know this is serious business. The patty is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It's thick as well so it'll definitely satisfy your cravings. 

Now if you like just the patty as a dish in your meal, you can also go for their Kambing Grill Berdeporttt. Exactly the same way of grilling and preparation with their Kambing Burger. Surely it can be a great addition on your dining table.