Roasted ducks are somewhat one of the best featured culinary dishes in the state of Johor, and in Wan Li Restaurant of Renaissance Johor Bahru Hotel, the dedicated chefs and staffs try their level best to emulate the finest roasted duck out there in the industry and one can say, they did a great job at it.

Nestled within a 5-star hotel, the slightly expensive prices are a given, but rest assured, Wan Li Restaurant strives to serve the best of culinary delicacies. Their roasted duck, being one of their many signature dishes, is such example of culinary prowess. Roasted to the extent that the skin is perfectly crispy, with the layers of fat underneath drained away from the heat, revealing only lean dark meat of the duck, each bite induces a gastronomical sensation like no other. Fragile yet fragrant, the roasted duck skin compliments the meat perfectly, a unison of flavors ready to envelop the taste-buds, leaving them dancing with relish. 

But aside from roasted duck, Wan Li Restaurant also cater to other forms of Asian cuisine, namely Dim Sum. Here in Wan Li, they offer hotel patrons and outsiders alike a buffet course revolving around the culinary world of dim sums. Their best seller includes the Chicken Siew Mai, a rendition of the pork version, but flavorful in its own manner, and the Golden Custard Bun, a yellow colored bun filled with glorious creamy goodness of salted egg yolk custard. 

Of course, Dim Sum is not the only thing on their list of food but naming each and every one of them will somewhat take up as much time as it takes to traverse the Great Wall of China from one end to the other, so suffice to say, the chefs in Wan Li Restaurant are also quite the dab hands in producing culinary delights involving poultry (Coffee Chicken - Deep fried chicken cooked with coffee), seafood (Crisp-Fried Fillet of Cod Fish with Fragrant Garlic and Superior Soy Broth) and vegetables (Stir Fried Asparagus with Mixed Mushrooms), just to name a few.

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