Another great seafood restaurant is not to be missed. Located at the border between Johor and Singapore, Restoran Todak is the exact definition of fresh seafood. Because it is also an ‘orang asli’ settlement, the place is nicely situated out of the main roads so you would have to discover it on your own or bring somebody who is familiar. A little heads up because you would not be directly attended to and there is no menu available when you are at your table. We suggest that when you are on your way entering the restaurant, keep a lookout of the pricing sign that will be hanging above your head and decide from there. Snap a photo of it because it helps.

As you proceed till the end, a very nice scenery of the vast sea welcomes you together with countless of aquariums with many edible sea creatures. What makes this place so amazing is that the prices are not only shown neatly together with the live animals, but they are also dirt cheap as well! We are pretty certain the locals around the area made sure their seafood is plump and juicy enough to be considered edible and therefore you would be able to have your money’s worth of dishes right in front of your eyes.

One of their dishes that did very well was their crab. There have many ways to cook their crabs so based on your own preference or your appetite, you would not be disappointed by the outcome.

This applies to their tiger prawns as well. You can try out both dishes cooked in butter or salted egg paste as that would be the common ones or just opt for different styles like in curry soup or cereal bits.

Many would love their other range of seafood like the pearl scallops with white wine and a generous amount of garlic or the fresh oysters and clams.

Not forgetting the Japanese Snails or also known as escargots prepared in 'Kung Poh' sauce.

At the end of your meal, there would be a plate of fresh fruits to cleanse your palate and to give your throat a cooling sensation after so much it has gone through.