With one of its best featured dishes being the Nasi Briyani, people in Johor are more than familiar with the scene of Indian cuisines and if you are by chance in the area of Johor Bahru along Jalan Skudai looking for authentic Indian food, the locals will most likely unanimously direct you a certain restaurant called 7 Spice Indian Cuisine and for good reason.

With a modern and chic, spacious interior, the 7 Spice will indulge patrons in a delightful burst of spices within the comfort of their sophisticated and intimate dining experience through a wide selection of North and South Indian dishes to choose from. 

From poultry (mainly chicken) to lamb to seafood (divided to fish and prawn), 7 Spice spared no expense and expertise in catering to customers' gastronomic wants and needs. Main courses can be accompanied with rice or if you prefer a chewier texture derived from flour-based products, baskets of naan breads serve as a viable alternative. Simply put, both rice and bread go well with the curry they provide so feel free to swap it up as you go. And just to throw it out there, Banana Leaf cuisine is also one of the highlights here.

Also to note is their Tandoori specialties that come not only in the usual chicken variant, but also extended to lamb, fish and prawns. A true delight as now people are able to sample the marriage of taste derived from other kinds of meats infused with tandoori spices instead of having only poultry varieties. Cooked in high temperatures using the traditional Indian clay oven, the meats are left with all the flavors of spices contained within in perfectly. With every bite, patrons could taste the succulent texture of their protein of choice enriched with all the flavors.

Aside from that, 7 Spices also cater to vegetarians in need of their fix of fibrous greens and if you found yourself inside 7 Spices yet not feeling the mood to go for Indian dishes, 7 Spices does serve Western as well, despite being an Indian culinary joint.