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Ah, instant noodles, the meal to go to when we're financially unwell, too lazy to cook, or would burn the house down if we tried. It is the one meal that millions around the world depend on when things get tough so that we could keep going. And the most popular flavour in this country is Curry Flavoured Instant Noodles, which we all have somewhere in our pantry or kitchen right now. In recent years, the number of varieties of just curry flavoured instant noodles has increased, and more than ever we are faced with the decision to choose the one best suited to our taste buds. Well, we tried them, and now you have a choice of what to put in your shopping list. 

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    Koka: Signature Curry Flavour

    Koka is a Singapore brand of signature curry instant noodles that stresses on the healthier option of instant noodles. With no added MSG, preservatives, and artificial colouring, this is as healthy as it gets for an instant meal, enough that it is also vegetarian-friendly. Due to these absences, the colouring of Koka Signature Curry Flavour can be a wee on the lighter side. The curry taste is also a bit downplayed; the taste is present but to people who are used to laden of MSG in their food might find this a little bland. Generally, curries are expected to be spicy but Koka strives to market this product to as many age groups and background as possible and so, the spiciness is almost absent. The good news is, this kind of noodles is perfect for kids or those who can’t take spicy foods.


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    Things to expect

    Level of Spiciness: 2 out of 10

    Best with

    To keep up with whole idea of healthiness, it's best enjoyed with your favorite vegetables for added balance.



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    37, Quality Road Jurong, 618808, Singapore, Singapore
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