That typical Chinese restaurant that you head to every other night for dinner, you are probably already quite tired of it. What’s more, you want to find a good place for awesome seafood because let’s face it, places like this are actually quite hard to come by. Crabs especially, not only they are hard to cook and hard to eat, usually crabs are not eaten on a regular basis but enjoyed most of the time during special occasions.

Also, because it is quite a hassle to cook, not many places can pull it off perfectly or serve them at all. But when you come by one, you would expect the best in its class. Situated in the capital of Kuala Lumpur, or more specifically, along Jalan Jinjang Aman 2, this restaurant is what many would call a typical Chinese restaurant but when it comes to food, it may be typical but one of the best tasting out there.

Each dish includes the Chefs’ very own touch even if it may be a similar dish served elsewhere. Because of this, each dish has a flavourful and fulfilling journey for your taste buds as it makes its way to your tummy. There are many dishes to choose from but do give a go to the Pork Belly.

Nicely cooked, the tenderness and crispiness is present upon chewing in to the meat. It is best enjoyed with Lala Soup. Also the Salted Egg Pork is one to go for, best enjoyed with rice. Chicken soup with herbs along with their range of crab options is one to go for.