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This festive season of Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Red coloured decors such as lanterns, wallpapers, mini fireworks are only some of the prosperous decorations used during this Chinese New Year. Apart from that, Mandarin Oranges, hampers and tons of alcohols are being bought daily for either gift or personal open-house. However, apart from all those fancy liquor or beer, there is one thing that binds us together as a family, or even friends, and that would be a great serving of Yee Sang. We understand that even though there are Yee Sangs served everywhere, its not easy to find a great one. Hence, here is a list of the best Yee Sang this festive season!

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    Lai Po Heen @ Mandarin Hotel Kuala Lumpur Non halal 01f78899591256b47a2708a65f6538333b86089a30fbd22545a41deece4ea490

    To all hotel or Yee Sang hunters alike, the time has come again where we give our favourite restaurants a buzz for reservations. The time to devour a gigantic plate of prosperous Yee Sang is soon upon us and if you have run out of places to go, give this restaurant a try.

    This also comes as good news for those picky eaters out there as they have a wide selection of Yee Sang for you to choose from. The first is their Yee Sang with Australian lobster in kumquat dressing. Sounds fancy yes? The taste is no less fascinating as the meaty lobster texture added with the sourish kumquat sauce is both a great combination. 

    For those who have set a New Year's resolution to keep fit and to stay vegetarian, fret not. There is also the Yee Sang with assorted vegetables and shredded fruits in sesame dressing. All the fibre and vitamins in one plate infused with a concoction of savoury sauce, it cannot get better than that! 

    If you decide to give this place a try, do keep a mental note to call them as soon as possible as there is a possibility of them getting a full house especially during the upcoming Chinese New Year!


    Call in early for reservations! And remember to come clad in appropriate attires respectively

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