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These spongy meteors are quintessential Japanese snacks which quite right fits the palate of typical Malaysians. These gilded goodies are a marriage of wheat flour, minced octopus, green onions and pickled ginger, grilled on congkak-like molds. However our cravings have no limit, therefore, chicken, prawns, beef and other quirky combinations have joined the party to offer octopus a breather. After a few twist and turns, it’s showered with sauces, mayonnaise, shavings of dried bonito and seaweed. Be warned, nibbling this little snack is known to cause severe addiction, especially spots below.

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    Dubbed as one of the best preparing freshly made takoyaki, they have vastly expanded across the country. Looking at their bouncy and dense balls swiveling on the sizzling hot molds literally throttles your salivary engine at once. Choices of filling include prawn, chicken and cheese, unagi and octopus yet if you’re flexing up your adventurous scale, opt for abalone, which is also known as marine snails. The takoyakis are stacked in a paper box, then a bouquet of herbs, slices dried bonitos, sweet and sour sauce and mayonnaise provide a mouthwatering gable. The speckles of charred marks being coated with rich layers of flavours are amazing.


    Get all their flavours in one box, mix and match, guess the flavours

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    Cheap and good eatery

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    RM4.90 to RM10.00

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    1F-61, 100, Queensbay Mall, Persiaran Bayan Indah , 11900 , Bayan Lepas, Penang
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