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No matter how plump the prawns are or how juicy the scallops taste, the moment a platter of steamed fish lands on the table with a thud, it just tugs away our heart. Even the pickiest eater will be in open-mouthed wonder, piping hot fish simmered in rich broth and loaded with vegetables. We have handpicked the finest spots that are anchor-points among locals when belly begs for steamed fish, be prepared for beguiling dining experience with authentic taste and texture of fresh fish. 

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    Tek Sen RestaurantNon halal 01f78899591256b47a2708a65f6538333b86089a30fbd22545a41deece4ea490

    This renowned joint began as an ordinary stall back in 1965 and since then flavours and fortunes boomed, today they have merged two shop lots along Carnarvon Street, yet it’s still a battle for an empty table. Count yourself lucky if you manage to nab one within 15 minutes. Hands down, it’s definitely worth the wait! Churning out Chinese-style dishes, this spacious and brightly-lid restaurant is a must-go. Their Assam Fish Curry habitually hogs the headlines yet the best-kept secret is their steamed fish. The promfret arrives piping hot, lounging in a teo-chew style sauce and loaded with julienned ginger, chilies, tofus and tomatoes. The secret of such savoury is the simplicity, where the fresh flavours of the fish suffuse throughout the dish. 


    Patience is virtue

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    Authentic Chinese style meals

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    RM20.00 to RM30.00

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    18, Lebuh Carnarvon, 10100, George Town, Penang
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