Best Sang Har Mee (Freshwater Prawn Noodles) in PJ

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Ever seen those plates of noodles and giant prawns and wondered what they are? Well, introducing the sang har mee - or if you may, giant freshwater prawns noodles. This seafood delight is often the centerpiece, if not crabs on dinner tables in Seafood restaurants. However, smaller shops and cafes nowadays are also keen to deliver you this delectable meal. Divine freshwater prawns that drops mass flavours of natural sweetness, while a savoury broth softens the partially crunchy noodles; ah, these sang har mee in PJ will definitely capture your attention.

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    TheFOODtree @ OWGHalal a81b201f94b2180a29928950eefa06850871fc85c2ba8fcb39753bdbcdfb49cfCertified

    Sang Har Noodle (Freshwater Prawn Noodles) a signature dish of TheFOODtree's is a favourite among their customers -and validly so. The highlight of the dish would definitely be the huge-sized fresh river prawns which are the heroes of the dish. The juicy essence of the prawn directly enhances and elevates the taste of the Cantonese-style egg broth. The broth is poured onto the canton-noodles that are fried beforehand to not only enhance the dish by its taste, but also the fragrance of it. Although not the main highlight of the dish, the spring onions, chives, carrots and ginger does its job to elevate and season the dish as a whole. 


    Avoid visiting during lunch hours.

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    Free Wi-Fi and parking available for visitors; fully air-conditioned interior.

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    Jumbo Herb Drink.



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    The FOODTree @ OWG View restaurant

    10, Jalan Pelukis U1/46, Section U1, Temasya Industrial Park, Glenmarie, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor
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