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Otak-otak is a well-loved Nyonya and Malay dish that is commonly spotted along the streets, night markets and even highly-rated restaurants. Let us answer your curiosity first. The name translates as a brain in Malay, yet fret not, it only appears like one but no brains are part of the ingredients. The tawny concoction of grounded fish, coconut milk, chopped onions, assorted herbs and spices is held hostage by banana leaf, then grilled over a charcoal fire till succulent succes. Perfect appetite-whetter or a good dish on its own, no matter whichever way you look at it, otak-otak downright delivers. Looking at the complex workload, we are most likely to pass up trying at home, therefore let’s leave it to the experts below. 

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    Sin Kim San Cafe

    Just walking into this full-of-life food court will hog you with foodgasm, looking at the epic amount of food choices on offer. If you’re hankering for something simple and delicious, head over to the curry mee stall, as they offer otak-otak too, delicious otak-otak to be exact. Certainly a must-have for those of you who claim to have zero appetite as the marriage of spices and succulent chunks of fish cake will leave you wanting more. As it’s pretty affordable, there is just no reason not to grab some back home too. Bang for the bucks! 


    Parking is a common trouble, park a little far and walk over

    Things to expect

    Never-ending choices in a typical kopitiam ambience

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    Kopi O


    RM3.00 to RM10.00

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    Sin Kim San View restaurant

    168 Jalan Macalister, 10400, George Town, Penang
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