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It’s hard to deny that we are not into a healthy lifestyle because unhealthy food taste a lot better and those organic set meals take a big bite off our budget. Veer away from those dreary options, grab a bowl of lei cha to brush away your previous notions. Lei cha is a traditional Hakka dish that some say was first introduced as a medicine to cure soldiers from plague, and it evolved as a staple considering the amount of health benefits. Also known as thunder tea rice, a mound of rice is shrouded with assorted vegetables and nuts, and paired with a greenish broth made from tea leaves and herbs. One would certainly appreciate the variation of texture and earthy flavours that charm your taste buds in each spoonful. Sounds simple yet it’s painstaking to prepare a good bowl of lei cha, therefore let’s leave it to the experts below. 

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    Pusat Makanan Chor Kee

    Nothing to write home about the ambience of this food court but a variety of local delights is far from short. There are many sinfully satisfying dishes like char kuey teow and chicken rice but to reduce your guilt to a certain extent, kick start with a bowl of lei cha. A colourful concoction of diced vegetables and roasted nuts are sprinkled with herbs and dried shrimps and escorted by a bright-green broth which offers an earthy punch to your palate. Drench the soup over and mess up the concoction, then devour to your heart’s content. Changes are quite less you’ll be heading back to any unhealthy dishes on offer. 


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