Best Grilled Chickens in Penang

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For many of us, grilled chicken is our favourite pick yet it’s not as ubiquitous as the fried version and handling a scorching grill isn’t everyone’s jam. What not to love about chicken marinated and grilled to perfection? Teeming with a smoky aroma and charred speckles certainly notch up the level of satisfaction. And yes, grilling the meat is only half the part, to end with a flavour bang, multitude of sauces and condiments share space for optimal gratification. Basted with a Malaysian-style sauce, filled with hefty greens, laid on fluffy naans, baked with fruits or  absolutely sticking to classic - grilled chicken come in various forms in the Pearl of Orient but one thing is for sure, these birds leave an indelible mark on your palate. 

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    Coffee Elements

    Judging by the name, if you’re heading to this eatery expecting a sheer spread of freshly brewed coffee and complementing cakes, you’ll be never disappointed. If you’re one who worries about your waistline yet not giving up on flavours, their  Caesar salad is the best match for you. Grilled chicken chunks are scattered on coral greens, butterheads, rockets, chicken ham, cherry tomatoes, half-boiled omega eggs, a dusting of parmesan cheese and concluded with drizzles of natural yoghurt. Done taking in the beauty, grab a fork and dig in the beautiful mess. 


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