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From school canteens to 5-star hotels and all the way to Ipoh. We just love our chicken rice. Petaling Jaya host a range of some of the most delicious chicken rice known to Malaysians. The aroma of sesame oil infused rice, fresh smelling chili, and perfectly cooked chicken just melts our hearts. PJ delivers its chicken rice packed with authenticity and heat.

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    New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken RiceNon halal 01f78899591256b47a2708a65f6538333b86089a30fbd22545a41deece4ea490

    New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice is one of the biggest chicken rice eateries that serves hundreds of hungry going Malaysians every day. This 4 shop lots serve up roast pork that has is crisp crackling with tender, moist meat and Char siu that is well marinated in a honey hoisin sauce, then roast in oven to charred, savoury, sticky and sweet caramelised blackish layer with slightly charred bits.goodness. Their chicken is good but isn’t served warm. It’s quite a sight to see so many chicken rice lovers at the same place!

    Besides Statellite Ipoh Chicken Rice.

    Things to expect

    Packed restaurant with good service.

    Best with

    Lettuce in Oyster Sauce and Beansprouts.


    RM10.00 to RM20.00

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    107, Jalan Gasing, Seksyen 10, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
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