Crispy, Golden, and Irresistible: Indulging in the Delightful World of French Fries

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Crispy, Golden, and Irresistible: Indulging in the Delightful World of French Fries

Bukit Bintang is a bustling neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that is famous for its vibrant nightlife, shopping, and dining scene. One of the must-try places when in Bukit Bintang is Friend Fries, which has recently been going viral on TikTok! Join me today on a quest to find out what makes Friend Fries one of the most popular snacking places to try out now. 

So why should you come to Friend Fries? Well, Friend Fries sells french fries in these cone-shaped cardboard boxes. This snack is actually called Patat fries, which is a popular Dutch-style snack.

Dutch fries are cut and served the same day, rather than being subjected to the freezing blasts of a freezer. They are plunged into boiling oil a minimum of two times, resulting in a crispy outer fry and fluffy inner fry. This is great for those people who are tired of soggy fries when they order delivery and crave freshly made fries. Also, the fries that Friend Fries serves are actually bigger than the usual fries that we’re used to from fast food restaurants, a plus for fries lovers. 

Photo by: kl.foodie TikTok

As a customer, it’s a sight to see the staff squeeze sauces from the sauce bottles attached onto a rotating wheel that is hanging on the ceiling.

 Photo by: bestfoodmy TikTok

Friend Fries also serves other potato-related snacks outside of fries, like Nutella Fries, Tornado Potatoes, etc.

Photo by: bestfoodmy TikTok

In conclusion, if you're looking for a cozy and friendly spot to enjoy some delicious fries with your pals, like the name suggests, Friend Fries Restaurant is the place to be. So, next time you're in the mood for some mouthwatering fries, head on over to Friend Fries and indulge in a satisfying meal that you won't soon forget!

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