Snitch By The Thieves Kuala Lumpur

Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and even supper, Snitch by The Thieves serves it all! This eatery will brighten up your taste buds with their own rendition of local and western influenced cuisines. Basically you can get everything that you are craving for in one place with their menu that’s equipped with a wide range of delicacies! 

Snitch recently opened its doors to the public on the 21st of March 2019 while officially launching off on 12th June 2019. With the aim to create a fun space for every occasion that ranges from business meetings to group hangouts, the restaurant is here to cater to everyone’s needs! 

As spacious as it can get, the restaurant features three different types of dining areas such as a cafe, alfresco and bar all in one place! Snitch provides a relaxing atmosphere at the alfresco as well as a comforting ambiance indoors while maintaining the interior throughout that’s characterized by a touch of timber and nature! 

Oh, not trying to be a snitch but Snitch also has a hidden speakeasy bar behind closed doors in the premises! It’s the ultimate party space with their array of alcoholic beverages and beer pong tables. However, the bar also hides some serious karaoke rooms behind those walls! Available with a minimum spend, they are perfect for private occasions! 

Finally the part that all of you have been waiting for, the edibles! We started off with some beverages and the line up at Snitch features some unique in house mixes. From pineapple green tea to alcoholic bubble tea, there are endless new combinations for your drinking pleasures at Snitch!

Tonic Do
Pineapple Green Tea
Alcoholic Boba Tea

At this point, it’s pretty easy to grasp a sense of the contemporary theme that persists throughout their menu. The mains share an equal selection of Asian and Western food with an endless repertory of cuisines. From local favorites to Melbourne inspired fusions, these dishes possesses their own flair and flavors to please every palate! 

Southern Fried Chicken Burger
Medium Rare Roast Beef
French Toast
Eggs Bennie + Brioche Bun

While you can’t go wrong with a classic Malaysian Curry Laksa, there were odd yet surprisingly delectable combinations to try if you’re feeling adventures. Such as the Pho-termelon which is Vietnamese pho and watermelon combined for a refreshing meal! Or you can opt for something unconventional like the black pepper beef udon or omega + bash for the ultimate savory satisfaction!

Malaysian Curry Laksa
Black Pepper Beef Udon
Omega + Bash