Wonton and Pho together? The name probably got you wondering how Wonton and Pho would go together. Wonton & Pho is actually a fusion of traditional Wonton Mee and authentic Vietnamese Pho. They do not actually serve the two dishes together in a bowl. Instead, their menu is divided into two categories - Chinese and Vietnamese!

Wonton & Pho has a simple and clean interior with minimal decorations. Their main decorations only consists of the Vietnamese traditional leaf hat around the light bulbs. The restaurant opens 12 hours daily and serves all breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Just like their name, their Wonton Noodles and Pho are their signature dishes. The wonton noodles comes wonton with full fillings and juicy char siew whereas their pho comes with a flavourful broth and beef slice that would melt in your mouth! For the Wonton Mee and Wonton & Pho, you are able to choose the portion you want(S/ M/ L) according to your lapar-ness. Besides their Wonton Mee and Pho, do try out their Homemade BBQ Char Siew, Banh Mi and Pork Chop Rice too.