Nestled in the busy streets of Bukit Bintang, Tg’s Nasi Kandar is pretty well-known among the locals as well as the tourists. Food in KL especially Bukit Bintang being the popular places among tourists is often listed a higher price than other places as it is popular among tourists and is where the high end shopping places are located. However, you would be surprised when you take a look at Tg’s Nasi Kandar’s price listing. They are known for providing quality scrumptious food with a very affordable price. Operating for 24 hours daily, Tg’s Nasi Kandar has a pretty lively atmosphere even during the wee hours as football fans would gather around during the season.

As you probably could already tell, Tg’s Nasi Kandar is famed for their Nasi Kandar of course. This Northern Malaysian dish has dishes catered to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians here so that is something you don’t need to worry about. Complemented with fragrance white rice are lines and lines of cooked dishes spread across the room. You can have yours with dishes of your choice but don’t forget to put in lots and lots of curry gravy. Note that the mutton curry here is the one that you want to go for.

Now Nasi Kandar wouldn’t be so appropriate for supper right? So instead go for some light snacks like their Roti Canai instead. The ones here are known for having just the right texture which attracted even foreigners to revisit just for it. If Roti Canai couldn’t satisfy you, why not go for a plate of soft and chewy Cheese Naan? Perfectly toasted and with creamy cheese flowing out of it would ruin your diet but definitely not your mood.

To all night owls out there, Tg’s Nasi Kandar might just become your next favourite supper spot so why not give it a try?