Restoran Teochew & Hakka, Jalan Ampang is a simple looking Chinese restaurant that’s decorated with lanterns, Chinese calligraphy, wooden chairs and marble tables. The ambiance and surrounding of the restaurant gives you a very homey and calm feeling. The restaurant has been up and running for about 10 years now, and you know the food that is served is made with lots of passion and experience.

The Curry Fish Head is a pot of jewel that is full of flavor and has the perfect level of spiciness. Cooked with a very fresh fish head this dish goes so well with a variety of mixed vegetables and fried tofu. We’d suggest that you should have this dish with a bowl of rice. 

Bak Fa Chicken is a must try. The restaurant is one of the very few restaurants that serves this exceptional dish. The chicken is crispy and boneless, and it makes it so much easier to eat. Imagine having fried chicken but not needing to get your hands dirty, that’s like a dream! The meat is tender and it packs a punch in terms of flavor!

Abacus seed is a traditional Hakka dish made with yam that is usually eaten during festivals because it signifies wealth. The Hakka Abacus is a very unique dish both in flavor and looks. The texture and taste is somewhat like a gnocchi, soft on the outside and chewy on the inside. This dish is cooked with minced meat, preserved radish, strips of mushroom and black fungus and topped off with a generous amount of coriander.

The Lotus root 4 treasure is a dish that’s made up for lotus root, mushroom, carrot, peas and topped with macadamia nuts. This dish is very appetizing especially if you love vegetables! 

Another thing that gives this restaurant the WOW factor is their home-made Tau Fu Fa. This is a very tasty silken tofu dessert that is eaten with clear syrup. Usually eaten warm, it is also quite delicious chilled. The texture is smooth and the tofu just melts in your mouth. 


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