Papero is a Middle Eastern Cusine store that was established back in 2013. It has received so much recognition since it opened up in Sri Petaling and they were also featured in "TV3 Cari-Cari Makan" which is known to be the most popular travelog TV series in Malaysia. 

Papero is strategically located at the Ground Floor of Endah Promenade, Sri Petaling. Unlike other restaurants around the area that typically sells normal local Malaysian food, Papero stands out as it offers a variety of dishes like pizzas, sandwiches, shawarmas and tortillas that are very delicious and affordable. 

Regular customers and even first time customers always comes back here because of the size of each serving. For example, a pizza can be shared among 3-4 people and a shawarma would be perfect for 2 people. 

Mr. Ahmad the owner of the shop told us that the secret to success is to always serve freshly prepared food. Every dish is made upon order, and no frozen items are used. But that comes with a downside as his hungry customers don't understand why the waiting time for the food takes longer than usual. As simple as the saying goes "Nothing really comes easy, great food takes a longer time to prepare, to be cooked and to be served.

The first dish that was served to us was the "Shawarma Chicken Meal" (RM18)" This dish has 3 layers. From the bottom you'll be able to enjoy a whole load of crispy fries and then moving on to the second layer which is the star of the dish itself, the amazing chicken shawarma, which is so delicious and the meat is moist. The interesting part about this dish is how it's covered witha generous amount of chicken slices and served with sour cream sauce. 

Next is the "Mexican Tortilla (RM17)", this dish has all the goodness in it. From pulled chicken pieces, to a mixture of super tasty sauce, vegetables and cheese. One word to describe this dish is that it is very overwhelming, the amount of cheese used in this is unbelievable and if you love cheese like we do, this one for you! 

 If you prefer something not too spicy and more Western, you should try the sandwich called "Julian (RM11)", this sandwich is filled with sausages, mushrooms and chicken. Served alongside with fries and their special sour cream sauce. 

Last but not least, the pizzas. We were given two different pizzas to try and it was delicious. The consistency of the bread is so soft and it is loaded with cheese. The "Papero Pizza" is topped with minced chicken, beef, cheese and pizza sauce. 

The next pizza we tried was the "Tandoori Pizza" be ready to get spiced up as one piece of pizza will burn your taste buds but in a good way because the spiciness from the tandoori chicken definitely packs a punch. It's so good but very spicy, and even though you can't handle the heat, still challenge yourself to try it! It is so worth the spiciness!