Prawn Noodle King 虾面王 Kuala Lumpur

Opened newly in the year 2017, Prawn Noodle King now has more than 3 outlets around Selangor. Prawn Noodle King originated from a stall back in Penang call Seang Lim Toppaste Hokkien Mee which was one of the few famous Hokkien Mee stalls. When the owners of Seang Lim Hokkien Mee, Thomas and Annie decided to retire, Melvin, the owner of Prawn Noodle King who is a long time loyal customer of Seang Lim's thought of the idea to pass down the recipe of Seang Lim to the generations and share the authentic taste of Hokkien Mee to others. Melvin was taught by the couple the true way of making Hokkien Mee, from the soup to the condiments in the bowl. So now Prawn Noodle King has the recipe of perfection since 1981.

Prawn Noodle King's first ever outlet which is the closest to heart for them is the branch in Taman OUG. Designed in a rustic look to allow the feeling of eating back in the original stall. Today Prawn Noodle King has been visited by many prominent people such as Hong Kong celebrities and local celebrities. 

Prawn Noodle King calls themselves the "king" not because they think they serve the best but because they pride themselves with the varieties of Hokkien Mee that they have. Their signature would be the Pork Ribs Hokkien Mee, where the taste of Pork Ribs are so juicy and tender. Remember to add on some sambal cili paste before eating to bring out a different flavour. The taste of the soup itself will make you fall in love with Penang. 

Come on down to their Taman OUG branch and try out many other variety such as Roast Pork Hokkien Mee, Mantis Prawn, Big Prawn, Four Heavenly and Spicy Soft Shell Crab Noodles which is ramen noodles but with Hokkien Mee soup, who would've thought that a fusion like this would taste perfect together. 

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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