Pho Vietz is definitely not an unfamiliar Vietnamese restaurant in Klang Valley. Being one of the first restaurants to bring up the pho hype into the area, Pho Vietz currently has 7 outlets across Klang Valley with the Pavillion outlet as the flagship store.

Pho Vietz, Pavillion outlet is located at the fourth floor of the mall and has a very modern interior with bits and bits of Vietnamese traditional decorations. If you're a first timer for Vietnamese food, you might want to try out Pho Vietz's signature dishes which are no other than their pho(beef/ pork), spring rolls and Banh Mi. 

For beverages, you may try out their Vietnamese Atiso Tea (Artichoke tea) and of course the well known Vietnamese coffee.

Being the flagship store, the restaurant has a menu of special dishes only available in that outlet. So, check out Pho Vietz in Pavillion if you have not visited for a more variety of dishes compared to the other outlets. Do take note that the restaurant might be crowded during lunch hours (weekdays) and weekends. Also, the price range is on the medium end but the food portions provided will surely settle your hungry tummy!