Nam Bo Cafe is located outside of the city centre at Bandar Menjalara. It is located on the second floor of a shop lot so be observant if you are heading to the restaurant. Cool tip: it is located right above The Gigi Dental Surgery Clinic. 

Nam Bo cafe's special point will definitely go to their interior. Their furniture are in Japanese/ Korean style (tatami tables and cushion seats) but do not get fooled so quick because Nam Bo indeed serves Vietnamese Food! 

Compared to most Vietnamese restaurants available in the market, Nam Bo does not only serve Vietnamese street food. They do serve seafood and vegetables cooked in Vietnamese style, Barbecue (meat and seafood) and even Hot Pot soup. 

The recommended dishes at Nam Bo would be their seafood because who does not like seafood (except Vegetarians)? You could get your seafood grilled or steamed. Their hot pot soups (spicy and sour soup/ seafood soup) are also highly recommended especially during a cold rainy day!