Mosaic @ Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Known as one of the best all-day dining restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, Mosaic located in Mandarin Oriental has a very fine atmosphere that is suitable for those who are looking to have a fancy meal. The spacious room with high ceilings and tile floorings with Peranakan features is furnished with classy dining tables and comfortable arm chairs. The room is slightly decorated with some oriental-like dividers and paintings on the wall which gives the room a classy yet elegant hint elevated by the soft-warm lights throughout the room. The chandeliers hung above some of the food counters directly give the room a luxurious touch. The atmosphere of the room has already brought their diners to wow before even trying out their cuisines. 

Mosaic serves lunch and dinner buffet where they offer a variety of cuisines which is a mixture between local delicacies and international fare. From oriental delicacies like Chinese dim-sum and Japanese sashimi to local favourites like tandoori chicken and Rendang Daging Temasik, the varieties of cuisines available are countless.

The most popular stations however are the ice-station where they offer fresh flower crabs, blue mussels and oysters and the grilled-station where the wonderful smell of satay, lamb chops and other grilled items tempt you. If you are opting for some western delights, definitely try their freshly baked pizzas which are also highly recommended.

Perfect the meal with some desserts from a huge range of selections such as signature chocolate pate, pistachio cheesecake and green tea opera cake available for you to choose from. Mosaic takes pride from their desserts as it does not only have a variety of choices but also visually pleasing.  

All in all, Mosaic caters customers who are looking to have a fancy meal but not limiting their choices.

Operating Hour

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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