With a decade's worth of experience in managing 10 different culinary bodies that vie to prepare the country’s finest halal Asian and Western cuisines, Makan Culture is the birth-child of Sakura Kristal Restaurants that incorporates the entirety of the 10 year old culinary legacy under one cafe of gastronomic proportions.

Under Makan Culture's roof, patrons will be immersed in a combination of worldly culinary feats with the touch of Malaysian hospitality. With an extensive menu of food items to boast of -from chicken chops to burgers, to nasi lemak to curry noodles, to sandwiches and finger-food; Makan Culture has a little something for everyone from anywhere. 

In terms of their signature, Makan Culture provides customers with a few tantalizing selection to choose from. If you are up for poultry on the particular hour of patronage, opt for their Buttermilk Chicken. Tender chicken fried to crispy perfection, lathered with creamy and fragrant buttery goodness, it will ensure you have a lip-smacking good time.

Or perhaps your palate is craving for something straight out from the sea? Is yes, you can instead give their Peranakan Seafood Curry a shot. Comprised of fish fillets, squid, prawns, crab-sticks and assorted vegetable cooked with mild, delectable Nyonya curry, the freshness of the seafood and the kick of the curry will leave your taste-buds jumping with relish.

And of course, if you'd prefer a substantial, well-rounded meal, Makan Culture's gargantuan one-dish-has-it-all: the Nasi Volcano is your dish to order. Copious amount of steamed rice wrapped in omelette -nasi pattaya style; with a whole deep fried chicken thigh perched on top of the meticulously wrapped omelette rice, all the while surrounded by a ring of curry, it brings about a burst of flavours and textures with every mouthful.