Located at the busy street of Jalan Gereja, just behind Muzium Telekom, you will find a crowd here on Sundays after the Filipino congregation ends at the nearby St. John Church. All the chefs are hired from the Philippines and you’ll find the whole place buzzing in Tagalog in no time.


With its super authentic food, it’s no surprise this place is a favorite for Filipinos to enjoy a taste of home to cure the homesickness. The restaurant certainly looked very basic with a handful of tables and chairs arranged inside the premises. While his restaurant targets predominantly Filipinos, news about Laguna Mabuhay soon spread through word of mouth. Opened since November 2012, business has flourished over the past years.


For starters, you can order the Lumpiang Shanghai also commonly known as spring rolls (RM8). It is filled with minced pork, minced carrots, onion and different spices. It is certainly a dish you want to have because it will create and build your appetite for the main courses and desserts!


The Crispy Pata (RM 49.90) is a must try dish! It is a deep fried pork knuckle that has been marinated in vinegar, salt, pepper and different spices. It is fried till golden brown, and it has a super nice crispy texture and the meat itself has ample flavor in it.


Next is a dish that is no stranger to Filipinos, pork sisig (RM13.90)! If you love pork this is your go to dish! Served on a sizzling hot plate is a mixture of minced pork, seasoned with calamansi, chilli peppers, mayonnaise and topped with a raw egg. According to the late Anthony Bourdain, in an interview with CNN he said that “I think Sisig is perfectly positioned to win the hearts and minds of the world as a whole.”


Another main course that is a must try here is the Pork Kaldereta (RM25). It is a delectable dish that will surely please everyone in the family. It is composed of stewed meat in tomato sauce, peanut butter, liver spread with potatoes, carrots, capsicums and cheddar cheese. Beef kaldereta is the most popular version and cost RM5 more than the pork.


Now moving on to dessert, for all you sweet tooth out there. You know for a fact that Filipino desserts are one of the best desserts ranging from halo-halo, cakes and ice cream. Laguna Mabuhay Restaurant serves lenche flan. It is made up of eggs and milk with a soft caramel on top. This is possibly one of the smoothest, creamiest, most melt-in-your-mouth lenche flan you’ll ever have the pleasure of trying. It’s a very sweet dessert so you might want to share it around with your family and friends!


The food, ambiance, customer service and all the porky goodness at Laguna Mabuhay Restaurant is like a fairytale with all the right and perfect happy ending.