Ramadan is the time to reflect and what's better than celebrating the holy month with good food at an all you can eat buffet! Tucked in the heart of KL, Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur is serving diners from 13 April till 11 May 2021 at their Dondang Sayang Coffee House in conjunction of Ramadan! 

At the price of RM88 nett per adult, RM50 nett per child you're able to enjoy many types of nostalgic local dishes that ranges from appetizers to desserts! The buffet starts from 6.30pm to 10pm, just in time for buka puasa!

Thanks to Corus Hotel Kuala Lumpur, we were able to check out the buffet and find out what the hype was all about! The hotel ground floor was sprawled with various booths and spreads of food, ready to brace the crowd that was waiting to break their fast. As many hotels do, the seating were comfortable and spacious with plenty of tables to accommodate guests!  

An occurring theme to the spread was inevitably the nostalgic taste of Malaysian cuisine but of course a few mixes such as a western fusion of roasts,pasta and pizza has made multiple appearances for variety! 

As engaging as the spread is, the buffet’s signatures features several local temptations such as the Daging Sendi Bakat Daun Kari, Chilli Crab and Tandoori chicken. These delicacies showcases the diversity of Malaysia that’s laced with spices and flavours!

The highlight of the buffet was definitely the booths of specialty items that was sprawled throughout the area. The booths embodies a consistent theme of street food commonly seen in Malaysia which serves fresh dishes made right on the spot to order for quality assurance. From Roti to Laksa, these dishes are always near and dear to a Malaysian that grew up eating street food!

However, the star that stole the show was definitely their whole goat roasted on a spit! A chef carves the meat per serving to maintain it’s tenderness and flavor.

Last but not least, a trip to the buffet is never complete until the you raid the dessert table! The dessert spread has a large range of different after meal sweet treats that will satisfy any sweet tooth and tinglings. 

Since its Ramadan, a selection of kuihs are available for those who prefer a classic Malaysian dessert! And speaking of a classic, there’s also an ice kacang bar which allows guests to customize their own bowl of shaved ice dessert!