Lovingly known as Little Philippines, Kota Raya is a shopping complex located in Chinatown just opposite Petaling Street. Many of the shops here are manned by Filipinos, including salons, cargo shipping shops and several food stalls. Take time to explore Kota Raya and you will find a range of different Filipino restaurants, about 20 restaurants to choose from and according to majority David Axel Cafe is one of the best.

You do not have to go all the way to the Philippines to eat balut. Co-owned by Arnie Janolino, who came here from Davao, Philippines about 3 years ago, in an interview with Star he said that he gets his balut from a local duck egg supplie in Johor. He also added that the cafe charger customers RM5 per egg. 


Don't worry, this cafe do sell normal looking dishes too! Adobo manok is a Filipino favorite, it is similar to a Chinese-stir fry with ginger, oyster sauce, garlic, shallots and dried chilies. The difference with this adobo is that they add vinegar into in which leaves a tangy feeling on your tastebuds. 


Another well-loved dish from here is the red-hued bina go tengang baboy, which is pork stir fried with chillies, onions and cencaluk (preserved shrimps). The final ingredient not only act as a coloring element, but also gives the pork a salty, peppery flavor. 


All the above dishes go very well with rice! 

Also, you can find all your favorite Filipino desserts here. Halo-halo is the most popular Filipino dessert. This shaved ice delight is similar to "ais kacang".

Recommended by Janolino himself is the premium version which comes with ice-cream on top of a bed of shaved ice. Buried underneath the beautiful snowy hill is some puree yam, banana, sweet potato cubes and evaporated milk. 


They also have deep-fried banana and jackfruit wrapped in popiah skin, which is known as Turon. The hot rolls are then sprinkles with sugar that turns into a think syrupy, caramelly coating that comes from the sugar that melted onto the rolls from the heat. 


The prices are rather affordable. RM12 will buy you a decent meal here.