Yummy Duck Roast House Kuala Lumpur

Somewhere along the straits of Kuala Lumpur lies a restaurant which has a secret ingredient known to attract all that passes by: crispy roastedduck. Yummy Duck Roast House might be located in a rather strategic area, but unfortunately they are not very proper equipped with sufficient parking spaces for its patrons. Nevertheless, this does not stop anybody from getting their duck-served meals from this place.

Once stepped into this place, you will be obligated to order their roasted meat platter which consists of not only their renowned crispy duck, pork belly and as well as many customers’ favourite: the char siew. The meat is beautifully cooked with crispiness that can be seen and as tangy as it is, the dish makes a rather delectable appetiser.

If you are very ambitious, go for their 3 combination Wantan noodles. Their springy noodles are served with 3 out of 6 choices from duck, pork belly, char siew, barbecue ribs or dumplings. You can have your noodles either the dry version or the soup version. If you prefer some spiciness to your dish, the option is available but with an additional surcharge of RM 1. There are other types of noodle dishes like the minced pork butter noodles, Cantonese style Hor Fun and crispy noodles with prawns.

Yummy Duck Roast House offers a menu that cannot be denied with the possibilities of getting a whole bird of either the duck or the chicken for a family meal if you want to. Believe it or not, they even have the alternative of roasted goose for those who likes a different texture but it also comes with a slightly higher price.

Accompany your main courses with non-duck related side dishes like their deep fried soft shell crabs or even the deep fried fish with pepper sauce together with the different kinds of vegetables.