The Butter Chicken is a small stall located in Rasta TTDI. Despite its size, this stall is famous for serving some of the best butter chicken dishes in KL. Not only is their food good, the presentation is pleasant as they serve dishes in their own sleek black plates so it feels like eating food from their own restaurant, not a food court. Their food is also affordable as it costs an average of RM15 for one meal.

It’s a no brainer that one of the best sellers would be their butter chicken but there is a bit of a twist in their signature Butter Grilled Chicken. The chicken is first marinated for 24 hours in six Indian spices which consists of rasam puli, sambal puli, garam masala, chilli powder, cumin and tumeric. As the name states, the chicken is then grilled, instead of fried like the conventional butter chicken, to give it a bit of a smoky charred flavour. The combination of grilled chicken, creamy butter and homemade brown sauce will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Their Salted Egg Yolk Chicken is also a must have. This dish was some kick with the combination of chopped chilli padi and curry leaves that were fried together with the salted egg chicken. At only RM16.90, this spicy golden goodness is all yours.

Their Crispy Squid Tentacle with Thai Sauce is a delicious snack to have. It is crispy at first bite but then turns chewy and the flavour is reminiscent of those squid snacks you would have as a kid. The egg coating on the squid prior to frying adds a mild, slightly buttery flavour to these tentacles and enhances the taste of each bite.