In need of a good Korean barbeque? Come on and dine at Supreme Barbeque Club! Cosily nestled in Persiaran Ampang, they offer an awesome selection of barbeque goodies at a great price. Korean dishes aren’t their only expertise, however, as they serve Japanese izakaya snacks and meals as well. 

You may be wondering: why should I go to Supreme Barbeque Club, instead of any other Korean barbeque restaurants? Please, consider this: do the other restaurants serve wagyu? Yes! BBQ wagyu! Their selections of food are tasty treats too! Not to mention, the vibe is nice and their aesthetic is pretty tasteful: retro-ish wall decors with dim neon lighting, perfect suit for your Instagram stories.

Super Premium Combo

Their Super Premium Combo is a merry selection of 6 types of meat, presented on a cascading set of platforms. Each of them is premium meat: starting from the bottom is their Australian beef tongue, then Australian flank steak, Australian Angus, Japanese Wagyu A3, Japanese Wagyu Bara and right on top, their Japanese Premium Wagyu A5. Being delicate, each of them requires a specific amount of time grilling in order to ensure their taste and quality. The Wagyu A3 and A5, for example, requires each side to be grilled exactly 20 seconds! The result: a slice of delicious, tender meat that melts in your mouth like butter on a hot knife. This dish is served with two types of dips, but our favourite will have to be their version of sambal kicap for its sweet and spicy twist. 

Mentaiko Rice

Have enough protein but need more carbs? Take their mentaiko rice for a taste-drive! This dish looks truly simple, yet tastes so delightful. It’s simply a bowl of rice topped with mentaiko sauce and garnished with sesame seeds. The sauce is slightly caramelised on top to give more texture to the dish. Simple, yet works wonders with its soft and fluffy rice, its sweet and savoury mentaiko sauce, and that feeling of delight as you dip your spoon into it.

Garlic Fried Rice 

Ahh… the garlic fried rice. Their take on the traditional fried rice that locals tend to love. Much like how fried rice often goes, it’s an easily recognisable mix of rice, egg, and assorted flavourings that is more garlicky to taste. Garnished with scallions and garlic chips, it’s best eaten hot and probably even, with the meat itself! (We didn’t think of that when we went there. Such a lost opportunity). If you like your rice a bit on the dry side, you should give it a try.

Salad Prawn

Getting a healthier treat after their sinful meat? Their salad prawn can fit that need. An assortment of green and purple lettuces, eggplants, and prawn, it is adorned with garnishes of seaweed and sesame seed dressing. It also has fish roe inside for a fishy surprise *wink*. The prawns are nicely-seared, the veggies are fresh and diverse, and the dressing is a nice fit. If anything, it probably needs just a bit more prawn.

Korean Spicy Chicken Popcorn 

Bored and snacky while your friend’s grilling the meat? Their Korean Spicy Chicken Popcorn tackles that snacky feeling just neatly. Quite crunchy outside yet moist and tender inside, this savoury treat is a dish of chicky goodness coated with a sweet and savoury sauce. It’s a simple snack of chicken popcorns and cauliflowers, but the sauce truly brings forth their flavours. Simply put, it’s a simple snack that you can’t simply set aside.

Drinks: Lemongrass Lychee; Lychee Pop (featured); Asam Boi Pop; Yuzu Pop

Need a drink after a hearty meal? They offer a selection of interesting in-house speciality drinks that are worth trying. We tried four of them. First, the lemongrass lychee is an interesting mix that combines the slight sharpness of the lemongrass with the sweetness of lychee. Then, there’s the lychee pop which brings a soda twist to the iced lychee that locals love. The same holds true for the asam boi pop, another well-loved local flavour made new with the addition of soda. There’s also the yuzu pop, a citrusy soda drink that is both fragrant and sweet.