Steaks or western food, in that sense. What do you usually think about when someone mentions those to you? Well, Malaysians in general, many do not eat western cuisine as a daily meal, usually one would go to for special occasions – birthday parties, company dinner, wedding anniversaries. 

So, probably you think about steaks, French fries and mashed potatoes when it comes to western food and for the higher class people, then probably, prime cut beef, or fresh and high quality ingredients, and (for some) a good bottle of wine. 

Nestled in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, or more specifically, Medan Damansara, Jake’s Charbroiled Steaks is what one would call a typical steak house, in other words just a typical steak house to foster your western cuisine appetite. The ambience, a warm and cosy yet simple décor with dim lighting accompanies you and your companions along the journey of enjoyment. With simple, good quality wooden tables and chairs as well some lovely partitioned cushioned seating area, you would be tempted to just sit anywhere, and get on with the affordable yet good tasting steaks and a range of other dishes.

Typical of many western cuisine restaurant, good service is an expected attribute. Well, Jake’s Charbroiled Steaks does not provide customers with good service but excellent ones. From the extremely friendly and well-groomed waiters to the helpful and cheerful captain, you would not be disappointed should you come in to contact with any of them. Other than the steaks, you would not be surprised by the range they have. Nachos and even the Malaysian favourite, sup ekor (direct translation – tail soup) is available to satisfy your hungry taste buds. 

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