During weekends, restaurants are usually packed as family members gets together for a nice dinner. Also, it may be a way for some to get rid of their weekday working blues. With good food, comes great responds and boy, will this restaurant get busy. Not busy actually, but extremely busy, so it is highly recommended to make a reservation otherwise you and everyone else will end up waiting for hours for a vacant table. The best case scenario is you will end up seating outside in the car park area in full view of everyone and every car that passes by as you chomp down on your food.

Situated in Taman Cheras, you would expect parking to be bad, well, a nightmare to be exact. That is why with a reservation, it is also advisable to come early. Upon stepping into the restaurant, one can expect to be greeted by the all too familiar noise that resembles a concert as each and every table is filled to the brink. But fret not, the place is spacious enough to seat everyone in comfort.

While here, do give their Buttermilk Sauce Crab a go. During Chinese New Year, yee sang is available here as well. Among others to give a go includes, fried rice and their fried fish with soy sauce. Also, the Salted Fish Pork Belly served in clay pot as well as the sweet and sour pork is among the dishes to die for.