Thinking of slurping down some flavorful wet noodles? Fret not as Haru Tei is here for your cravings! Nestled in the neighborhood town of Setapak, this restaurant is bringing authentic affordable Japanese street food to the game! They specializes in ramen and Don (Japanese rice bowls) specifically while boasting an authentic way preparation for the ultimate ramen in Japan experience!

Haru Tei opened its doors back in 2015, the Japanese eatery is equipped with a classic interior with a wooden touch for a sleek finish. With a comfortable air conditioned environment, the restaurant has plenty of seats to accommodate the lunch crowd who comes for their unique flavors!

Haru Tei’s menu boasts an extensive array of authentic Japanese dishes that ranges from their signature Ramen to unique izakaya style side dishes such as omelette rolls as well as bubbling hot pots! However, it is inevitable that their ramen does lives up to the hype from local patrons. 

Pesto Ramen

The flavorful broth is made from boiling bones for hours in order to bring out all that umami goodness that you can taste in the ramen! The restaurant offers a variety of flavours and even twists to the traditional ramen such as kimchi or pesto but each ramen is topped with a hearty serving of delectable chashu, green onions and seaweed! 

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

Kimchi Ramen

Other than ramen, Haru Tei also emphasizes on their Don(s) which is a Japanese rice bowl dish consisting of egg, meat, vegetables or other ingredients simmered together and served over rice or in this case even udon! The Dons comes with a side of miso soup which is traditionally served with Japanese set meals or with rice to complete the meal!       

Oyaka Don
Dry Udon
 For those who fancies something a little bit more extra, this Sukiyaki Nabe which is essentially the Japanese version of hot pot offers a more diversified meal as you can get hands on and cook your meat slices in a sizzling hot pot filled with scrumptious broth and veggies!

Sukiyaki Nabe

Last but not least, complete your meal with some side dishes to your ramen or don! These side dishes is the perfect accompaniment to your meal or eaten on its own as a snack! 


Tonpeiyaki is a perfectly rolled omelette with savory pork inside and topped with bonito flakes and green onions for the ultimate flavor burst in a bite!

Osaka Style Sushi

The Osaka Style Sushi on the other hand is it’s own element of delicacy. With slices or flame charred salmon on top of vinegar rice and topped with a variety of condiments and garnish, this sushi offers a sweet and succulent taste!