Grand Harbour Restaurant & Banquet Kuala Lumpur

Grand Harbour is in many ways, the ideal dim sum place. It is the perfect place to sip tea and indulge in an extensive range of delicacies that includes dim sum. They provide various delectable and unique dim sum choices on their menu. No surprise that Grand Harbour has topped yet another one of the locals’ must-try list. 

With a modern touch to traditional Chinese dishes, the restaurant specialties include the finest array of Barbeque Meat that melt in your mouth, healthy and tasty Double Steamed "Tian Ma" Fish Head Herbal Soup and also a range of delectable dim sum that will leave your senses tingling for more.

If you prefer something more filling, there’s always noodle dishes, rice and other a la carte dishes. Did we mention that they also serve delightful traditional mooncakes during festivals? The selection, quantity, quality and overall attentiveness of the staff makes Grand Harbour one of the best dim sum place in KL.

Grand Harbour is one of the few dim sum places that really pays attention to both quality and portions. Although the restaurant has become the centre of attention of sorts for hard-core dim sum pursuant, there is no loss of authenticity. The staff is attentive and helpful. The restaurant really makes up atmosphere wise – elegant, pleasant, and peaceful at the same time. There's no heckling or unbearable noise levels; you can enjoy your meal in peace. Dishes fly out of the kitchen steaming hot and the restaurant makes a point of creating a menu that combines classic dim sum dishes with eclectic new flavours.