People usually go for mamak whenever they feel like having a good plate of greasy food without having to dress up all fancy – sandals, shorts, or even pyjamas. Well, for the Fierce Curry House, it is whole different story. The moment your food arrived at your table, you will feel very conscious about your clothing because here it’s all about ostentatious  art lovers, hipsters on their iPhones, colourful branded skinny jeans and wealthy Bangsar families.


You might want to start with one of their best selling dish, the Hyderabad dum biryani. Not like any other restaurant, this dish is prepared authentically. First of all, the rice is cooked partially in basic spices. Then it is steamed together with marinated meat. They even use a special technique to cook the rice and it is called the dum technique. The procedure involves a dough being enfolded around the border to preserve the dampness throughout steaming process. So when it arrives, you will have to tear off the dough and smell the delicious aroma from the spices and meat.


For light eaters, you can order the roti Nutella or the Chicken Varuval. The Roti Nutella is ideal for sweet tooth out there where the roti is delightfully crispy. Whereas the Chicken Varuval will brings back memories of your grandma’s cooking. Anyhow, rebranding biryanis as something ‘cool’ can be quite difficult to pull off but looking at this ‘fierce’ restaurant, they are actually doing a pretty good job. With all the Indian restaurant going on in KL, it is nice to have a restaurant that is passionate in serving Indian food to its customers.

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