Daorae Garden Korean BBQ Restaurant Kuala Lumpur

A popular chain of Korean restaurants in Malaysia specialising in Korean BBQ dishes, DaoRae Garden in Sri Hartamas is a natural fit in this fold. There is a total of 8 branches, including the Sri Hartamas. Having an outlet in an area like Sri Hartamas makes a lot of sense considering the huge increase of Korean restaurants, retailers and groceries stores around the area. Besides this,  Sri Hartamas and Bukit Kiara attracts a high expatriate population of Japanese and Koreans who comprise almost half the total residential population.

When it comes to the main attraction of the restaurant (the BBQ dishes), customers should naturally expect the full package. The full package includes a tonne of sides which include kimchi, pickled vegetables, fresh vegetables, small pancakes, and much more; all of which can be topped up. The Sri Hartamas branch gives customers more of the same with a few variations especially when it comes to the banchan like spicy cockles, bean sprouts, and a few others.

As for the meats, customers can choose to have their favourite proteins, be it pork, chicken, beef; and have prepared with different marinades like a soy sauce marinade, chilli marinade or a BBQ marinade. The meats and sides can be eaten together with salad leaves and roasted garlic that can also be topped up at will.

In terms of other Korean dishes that can be enjoyed, some Korean favourites like Bibimbap and a number of different Korean pancakes can be had. On top of this, other dishes like cold noodles, stir-fried noodles, soups and Korean rice cakes are also available.

So if you’re looking for a great place to satiate your appetite for good Korean BBQ in Melaka, head on down to Daorae.

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