Chambers Bar & Grill Kuala Lumpur

Nestled within the Hilton Hotel of Kuala Lumpur, Chambers Bar and Grill offers prospecting patrons an educating view through the eye-piece of gastronomical proportions entailing spectacular grilled good eats largely in the form of bovine goodness. Yes, that's right. Your favourite beef grilled to perfection. And the best part? It's all done in front of your very eyes.

Interior-wise, expect a spacious setting that hums cosiness and elegance at every sight of the restaurant. On par with the backdrop, is the courteous service that paves the way for functions or parties.

Back to the showstopper - juicy and tender beef! Utilising the traditional "robatayaki" style denoting a charcoal pyre placed upright on a sandpit or simply on hot lava plates in terms of the grilling methods, the grill station is situated right smack in the middle of the restaurant, surrounded by glass panels in an effort to provide patrons with a clear and safe view of the meticulous grilling process -talk about in-house entertainment done well. The unique architecture of the space also function to allow the gloriously charred aromas of the freshly grilled beef to permeate the space, no doubt to pave way for a carnivorous appetite that is yet to come.

In terms of what they serve here in Chambers Bar & Grill, considering that they are all about beef and nothing else, majority of their food fare revolves around the glorious flesh of the bovine mammal. Aged in a special Himalayan salt tile dry again cabinet, there are variants which entail weeks and weeks of preservation -resulting in perfectly tenderised beef and intensified flavour; before being chucked onto the grill later on for the indulgence of their patrons. Needless to say, the food fare here encompasses a slighter higher bill in terms of price incurred but you're sure to be in for a luxurious meal nevertheless. Salt and pepper are usually the main seasonings used but certain dishes may denote the use of signature marinades, based on customer preference. 

Black Angus Prime Rib, T-Bones and Wagyu Ribeye steaks are among the delicious parts made available here, so keep an eye out for that.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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