Among the cornerstones that have earned Indian cuisine such pride and pleasure is Chettinad, a social caste that is known to have utmost skills and heirloom recipes up their sleeves. There might be a dime and a dozen holding onto the “Chettinad Cuisine” tagline, yet only a few steals the limelight with an authentic taste that lingers in your mind till the end of time. Betel Leaf at Lebuh Ampang is among the best bet that never disappoints your stomach when it’s craving for South and North Indian feast.

It’s not only about the taste, this renowned restaurant ticks all boxes to teleport you to India as soon as you walk in the dining space. It’s a realm of traditional Indian artsy-fartsy, elegant sculptures, timber interiors and warm lightings looks like a beautiful canvas painting. Nab your seat and sweep through the menu which is nothing short of a revelation. If you’re a fledging foodie, be prepared to stumble, however, every item on the menu doesn’t fall under the category of “delicious”.

It’s close to crime if you don’t chomp down their Banana Leaf set. Sitting on the verdant leaf is a mound of white rice, surrounded by assorted sides and captivating curries that are infused with rich and aromatic spices. Sustaining the haute dining experience, the dishes are served in exclusive copper utensils. If white rice isn’t your pick, opt for their Briyani version, where varied meats and seafood are imbued within.

Other crowd pullers include Naan and Tandoori, Mutton Bone Soup, Crab Soup, Prawn 65, Gobi Manchurian and range of lip-smacking kebabs. Even the pickiest eater will be pleased for sure. Being cooked to order, dishes land before your eyes piping hot with ambrosial aroma permeating throughout the air.

Colourful Indian sweets certainly clap onto your eyes, made with the finest ingredients and just melt with the mildest touch on your tongue. The finest way to enjoy Betel Leaf is by gathering your likeminded convives, feasting rich Indian delicacies in an ambience that spells comfort and charm. 

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